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Cliniplan thrives on the complexity of clinical investment projects, and can support teams looking to appraise options for future clinical service delivery and the facilities required to deliver them. We are experienced in high-level strategic planning, from feasibility studies, optioneering and appraisal, and the production of business cases to secure approval for capital investment.

Clinical modelling

We believe any clinical investment must be underpinned by a sound understanding of the clinical services to be delivered, along with the assumptions surrounding relevant models of care and patient pathways. Cliniplan can support teams investigating alternative models of service delivery, bringing experience garnered from high-profile projects in the UK and internationally.

Activity modelling

The centrality of clinical data in healthcare decision-making is undisputed, but must be balanced with a recognition of the inherent risks of placing undue emphasis on projections based on incomplete or provisional information. Cliniplan is well-versed in developing models to facilitate operational planning, and also in exercising appropriate judgement in the interpretation of their results.


Cliniplan recognises the need for robust clinical specifications to encapsulate project requirements before costly design support is engaged on capital investments, and equally as a means of securing the appropriate range of auditable stakeholder input into projects. We can support clients in developing detailed briefing material for clinical design projects, ranging across design operational policies through to sized schedules of accommodation.

Design Support

We believe Cliniplan offers an unrivalled portfolio of projects where we have supported the development of design proposals for some of the leading healthcare providers in the world. Working for both private and public sector clients, in the UK and abroad, we provide a range of perspectives to enable project teams deliver the best solutions from the macro- to the micro-scale.

Compliance & audit

Our understanding of clinical facility design guidelines enables us to offer compliance review and due diligence services to clients seeking an independent opinion on their current estate or proposals for investment, thereby highlighting risk and enabling mitigation strategies to be developed. This can either be provided as a one-off desktop exercise or ongoing technical advisory support.